The Medical Software Intervention We Need

12 Oct 2016

It’s disheartening that several hospitals still do not use good medical software. I visited the hospital recently as I had a health situation that was mild but required urgent attention. My first dilemma was, I was asked to produce my registration card or I would not be treated. I had come over from the office and didn’t have it with me. It took almost an hour for the hospital staff to find my records and verify that I could see the doctor. I had a rough time at the hospital that day and I’m not alone. As patients, we are largely familiar with the hassle we go through in search of befitting healthcare.

Most hospitals in Africa and indeed all around the world still struggle to deliver effective healthcare with the speed and urgency it requires. Medical staff work relentlessly round the clock, sleep deprived, yet with many stones unturned.

Incidences involving lost medical records, misplaced/substituted test results, unclear drugs prescription and much more have become ubiquitous and continue to plague the medical practice. This indeed calls for concern as health related issues should never be toyed with. Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Pharmacies and other medical establishments need a stable and reliable workflow management system at the core of their operations. This easily makes them more effective and improve health care services.

There are several Medical/Hospital workflow/administration system available in the market but many of them are either outdated by current technological and medical standards or not robust and inclusive enough to cater for all stakeholders. Clinical EHR however, is a state of the art solution that involves and interfaces all healthcare stakeholders including patients and paramedics in a convenient manner.

Clinical EHR Medical Software – The Intervention We Need

  • Accessibility: Clinical EHR is cloud based and is accessible anywhere with any web enabled device
  • Speed: Records are just a click away. Patient records can be found easily using the search feature
  • Feedback: When doctors request for a test, they often do not know the result till the patient returns for a review. Test results are immediately delivered to the requesting medical staff and in certain cases the patient, meaning that where patient needs immediate intervention, it will not be delayed
  • Appointments: Patients can book appointments on the mobile app. Queues and estimated waiting time is advised to the patient based on historical data

Clinical EHR should indeed be embraced by all the medical institutions in Africa and beyond. Acquisition is easy and it is indeed the best medical software out of Africa.

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