ChurchPlus helps you to facilitate collaboration, communication and effective administration of churches

No doubt, the task of managing a church is very overwhelming. Every ministry needs to be cared for and led well. All the natural church groups: House Fellowship, Bible Study, Choir, Evangelism, Prayer Warriors, Sunday School, Follow-up, Ushering etc need to be coordinated and managed effectively. The challenge is enormous, but our ChurchPlus solution while helping you to facilitate collaboration, communication and effective administration
of churches, lifts this burden off your shoulders.

Integrity with finances, and remittances is vital to church progress. ChurchPlus provides state of the art tools and techniques for contributions, monitoring, remittances and reporting.


Monthly Remittances & Accounting

With ChurchPlus, remittances are processed instantly and in a stress free manner. Relevant reports are delivered by email and can be instantly downloaded by privileged church officers. Funds to be remitted are transferred electronically and are easily trackable with unique transaction numbers.

Membership Tracking and Collaboration

Church is about people. You have to track their personal information, involvement and progress to shepherd and care for them well. ChurchPlus solutions creates an engaging platform for all church members and workers to interact. This allows events to be easily publicized and communication to be instant and effective.

Instant Communication & Announcements

Announcements are easily delivered using ChurchPlus. Instead of delivering information through coordinators, which often proves to be ineffective, ChurchPlus instantly broadcasts your announcements through registered Email addresses and also sends SMS to registered phone numbers of all the church members.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Information is key to planning and decision making. ChurchPlus helps the church to keep track of important data like church attendance, offering, new comers, converts, pledges etc. This has proven over time to assist churches with deployment of resources and continuous process improvement.

Asset Management

Church assets are often handled by many people, and this makes them prone to mishandling, theft etc. In some cases, historical data about certain assets get lost over time. ChurchPlus’s asset management module allows the church administrator to effectively monitor the church assets with ease.

Group / Skill Management

ChurchPlus can help you easily organize, manage, and track your church groups and departments, e.g Choir, Drama, Evangelism etc. You can easily monitor areas deficient in certain skill and redeploy workers from areas with excess of the same skill

Be more efficient