• THE END – Burdensome Interbank Transfer Charges

    6 Jan 2017
    Daniel Taiwo

    Bank customers are becoming worried everyday, over the numerous charges and deduction from their accounts. Several banking services come at very expensive costs, even to receive money in Nigeria today comes at cost of 50 Naira for credits above 1000 Naira into current accounts. There are further speculations that savings account holders too will soon have to pay when receiving money into their accounts. Account maintenance fee, SMS Alert charges, ATM withdrawal charges, DMMS application fee etc. are some of the other charges bank customers have to endure. Electronic funds transfer is one of the easiest ways to move funds from one account to another, but also comes at a high cost. Banks in Nigeria presently charge the rate of about 105 Naira for interbank transfers. To ease the burden of interbank transfer charges, O’sigla Resources developed an application that can provide fast, reliable and instant transfer of funds from one bank to another. The product is called Collecta.

    Collecta is a web based application that also comes with a mobile app. It was purposely developed to cut down the cost of interbank transfer to just 65 Naira. This is a bit fair compare to 105 Naira. Once you register on the platform, you can make any transfer immediately. It does not require you to register for a wallet! All transfers made on Collecta are instant; it is fast and safe.

    Do More Than just Transfer

    Collecta is a dynamic application and has evolved over time since its first deployment. It does more than just transfer funds. It can be used for handling and monitoring recurrent collections. Insurance companies such as Standard Alliance use Collecta; it helps them with collection, monitoring and effective tracking of recurrent payments.

    Go to today, or download the mobile app on Google Play Store to register. Welcome to a world where interbank transfer is no longer a burden.

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