14 Nov 2016
Daniel Taiwo

Education is an enlightening experience. It is not simply teaching and learning from the text books and gathering certificates. As far as a child is concerned, this enlightenment first takes place from home, and then, from school. It therefore becomes crucial for parents to be actively involved in the education process of their children.  A few centuries back, it was possible only by conducting an annual parent-teacher meeting. But this obviously is not sufficient to have a better understanding of the students’ track. Nowadays, circumstances have changed and we have more ways to keep in touch with the teachers or the school authorities. Phone calls, e-mails etc. are some of the best means of communication between teachers and parents. But, they too lack consistency. Presently the perfect way to connect educators and parents is utilizing a School Administration Software together with Mobile App. The developers of Eduplus have all these in mind while creating their School Administration Software. It enables parents and teachers to connect within the shortest time possible, and also ensures parents are actively involved in their child’s activities in school.


  • You don’t have to wait until the Yearly conference to discuss issues: Parents hardly have time to visit schools to discuss their child’s activities. Even those who have the time are often told to wait till the parents-teachers meeting to have this dialogue. But why should you wait to discuss important issues? This is where the school administration software like Eduplus helps. It comes with a forum where parents can drop their opinions and suggestions online without having to be physically at the school. Teachers can see these comments in real time and are able act on them.
  • Know where your child is: Parents and teachers are busy with their jobs. Therefore, it is not possible for them to watch each and every movement of students. Since parents can get the attendance report, activity records, time tables, calendars, school bus time and progress reports at their fingertips at any moment using the Mobile App, there is no need to disturb the teacher by calling them every now and then.
  • Never miss your child’s School Event: Plays, Recitals, sports, debate etc. are very important to our children. It becomes an unforgettable experience for them especially when their parents are there to witness them excel in the presence of everyone else. Eduplus helps in this regards by providing reminders about special event happening in the school. General school information and updates are also provided by alerts.

It’s no secret that children are most successful when parents are consistent, supportive and involved with their education. Take it from us; the key to your child’s success in school is  for you to be involved in the daily process. Yes, you should visit the school and spend time speaking to the teachers, understand your child at school and on those days when you can’t be present in that manner, Eduplus is at your convenience.

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