Eduplus School Software

Need greater efficiency at your school?

Eduplus is a school software that not only enhances your process but also satisfaction of all stakeholders. This is achieved by taking all the hassles and bottlenecks out of school processes and providing a lean and highly effective school system

Think about all the effort that currently goes with printing of forms and other documents, sorting and screening of applicant and student records, generation of timetables, keeping tab of class and subject teacher assignments, promotion processes and payment record keeping. Its very likely that you have processing, reprocessing and unwarranted storage costs at your school.

Managing a school manually is a challenging task as there are several students, parents and guardians. There are also a number of teachers and staff members in the school. Managing data of all these stakeholders manually is always complex and time-consuming. To establish a good reputation for your school, you need all information regarding students, their parents, teachers and staff on the go. And this is possible only by using not a good software, but a great and intuitive school software.

Key Features

Core Academic Features

  • Online Application
  • Grading
  • Result Administration
  • Role Management
  • Seat / Space Allocation
  • Transition / Promotion
  • Personalization
  • Attendance Records

Ancillary Academic Features

  • Hostel Administration
  • General Administration
  • Fees Administration
  • Parent Dashboard
  • Mobile Application
  • Announcements and News
  • Computer Based Tests
Need greater efficiency at your school?