EHR – The Hospital’s Perfect Partner

23 Nov 2016
Daniel Taiwo

The electronic health record (EHR) has been introduced in to the Nigerian Health care System and is gradually being deployed within health care organizations to improve the safety and quality of care provided. The integration of the EHR into clinical workflow has become expedient and must be taken into consideration in order to optimize the process of delivering the best healthcare possible. One could imagine all the time that goes into printing, sorting, arranging and screening of documents and other patients’ records, giving out prescriptions and following up on patients in case the dosage changes, storage of drugs and laboratory equipment, client billing and accounting etc. Indeed, the need to integrate it into hospital workflow has never become so essential in that it immediately enhances operations and thereby satisfying all stakeholders. It achieves this by removing all the hassles and bottlenecks out of clinical process and providing a lean and highly effective hospital.

It is expected that Clinicians spend majority of their time providing direct care to patients, and the EHR is expected to increase this patient interaction time and consequently the quality of care delivered. EHR like Clinical comes with a mobile App which further ensures continuous interaction between caregivers and the patient. Provision of adequate care requires proper documentation of clinical information as an intrinsic aspect of routine clinical activity and is essential from both professional and legal standpoints. The EHR is the perfect fit into the routine of clinical practice and recognized essentially for time efficiency. Physicians and hospitals should implement EHRs because they offer significant advantages over paper records. They increase access to medical information, and allow different care givers to obtain patient’s medical history once adequate authorization has been obtained.

O’sigla Resources, a fast growing IT company in Lagos, Nigeria has developed an EHR suite called Clinical and it is already being deployed across healthcare organizations in Nigeria. It is time to take your hospital’s health care process/ delivery to the next level. Contact us today and get started. It is purely healthcare delivery simplified.

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