• Advantages of Custom Software Development

    19 May 2017
    Daniel Taiwo

    Deciding between choosing a product off-the shelf or developing a bespoke software through an IT consultant is a recurring dilemma. Developing a custom software provides several advantages and mostly affording businesses with a more slim and simplified operation process. Every business has it’s requirements which makes it quite difficult for a single application to take care of numerous organisations processes. Below are some of the benefits of having a software application made just for you!

    1. BESPOKE

    Custom software are contrived by utilizing the latest up-to-date technology. The system are developed exceptionally to satisfy the client’s business requirements. Any discontent or difficulty of the client that appear during the development process can be improved while the formulation of the software with customer permission and that is the most significant benefit of the custom software development.


    Sometimes the costs associated with developing custom business applications for your business are higher than purchasing a ready-made product, and sometimes they are not. The long-term benefits of investing in developing custom business applications are far more valuable than purchasing a ready-made product. Plus imagine the additional cost you would incur when paying for licences, be it short or long term or implementation when you buy off the shelf products.


    With custom application development, your software is maintained for as long as you require it to be. With off-the-shelf software, your business is at the mercy of the software developer you are purchasing from.


    Custom software is a great solution for program integration. Businesses in need of numerous software programs can enjoy the benefits of operating on one custom software application designed to integrate multiple processes. Custom software in this respect helps you to accomplish more of what you need.

    5. SUPPORT

    A major benefit you get with custom business applications is an efficient and reliable technical support plan. You will have full access to a technical support team that was involved in the development process of your application, so all your encountered problems are resolved in an efficient manner.

    Custom software development is a cake walk with the right consultant. I also urge you to check out this write-up on how Mobile Applications can help you. In case you have any questions regarding outsourcing your software please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

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  • THE END – Burdensome Interbank Transfer Charges

    6 Jan 2017
    Daniel Taiwo

    Bank customers are becoming worried everyday, over the numerous charges and deduction from their accounts. Several banking services come at very expensive costs, even to receive money in Nigeria today comes at cost of 50 Naira for credits above 1000 Naira into current accounts. There are further speculations that savings account holders too will soon have to pay when receiving money into their accounts. Account maintenance fee, SMS Alert charges, ATM withdrawal charges, DMMS application fee etc. are some of the other charges bank customers have to endure. Electronic funds transfer is one of the easiest ways to move funds from one account to another, but also comes at a high cost. Banks in Nigeria presently charge the rate of about 105 Naira for interbank transfers. To ease the burden of interbank transfer charges, O’sigla Resources developed an application that can provide fast, reliable and instant transfer of funds from one bank to another. The product is called Collecta.

    Collecta is a web based application that also comes with a mobile app. It was purposely developed to cut down the cost of interbank transfer to just 65 Naira. This is a bit fair compare to 105 Naira. Once you register on the platform, you can make any transfer immediately. It does not require you to register for a wallet! All transfers made on Collecta are instant; it is fast and safe.

    Do More Than just Transfer

    Collecta is a dynamic application and has evolved over time since its first deployment. It does more than just transfer funds. It can be used for handling and monitoring recurrent collections. Insurance companies such as Standard Alliance use Collecta; it helps them with collection, monitoring and effective tracking of recurrent payments.

    Go to www.collecta.com.ng today, or download the mobile app on Google Play Store to register. Welcome to a world where interbank transfer is no longer a burden.

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  • What To Consider When Choosing a School Administration Software

    29 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    Are you looking for the perfect school management software for your school? Then you need to understand that this is a decision you need to take carefully. Using software for school administration simplifies tasks and makes it easier for the school processes to run efficiently. However if proper care is not taken, it often results in frustration and ultimately loss of money. It is important to have a strategy to select software that will run the institution without downtime, and also improve the efficiency and productivity of staff. You should also know that because a software works for another school does not entirely mean it will meet the needs of yours; administrative processes differ from one school to another. In general, a good school software should be able to automate schedules, track students and also handle finances. But it is very important that you consider adequately the following factors while selecting your school management software.

    • Analysis & Reports: How to get all the vital information you need fast from anywhere, anytime? Choose a software that can produce powerful charts & reports automatically and updated in real-time.
    • Web-Based Solution & Accessibility: You should only adopt a software that provides a web-based solution! Depending on your infrastructure you can decide to host the application online or offline. But the key advantage of online deployment is that the application is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. Making it possible for staff, students and even parents to access it even from home. Make sure the software you choose comes with a Mobile App.
    • Features, Customization & Integration: Is it customizable and designed to serve large number of users simultaneously? Focus only on providers that are designing flexible models to support your size or complexity.  Choose the software that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing system.
    • Security: Data security is mission-critical in today’s world and it never matters until something bad happens that breaches your security system. Does the software provide transparent information about their security? Check for robust role-based permissions, single sign-on and strong multi-factor authentication.
    • Consistent Updates/Upgrades: it is essential to implement a solution that will keep evolving and continue to get better with time. Applications that are constantly upgraded, taking into consideration the trends in new technology, usually meet this standard.

    Finally, the primary objective of every school is to pass knowledge to its students. Any software application that is not positively contributing to the school’s knowledge base does nothing but hinder its growth in all aspects. That is why we at O’sigla Resources don’t just create products, but we ensure that we meet needs. Our school management software Eduplus meets the above criteria, and is flexible such that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you choose it, you are on the right track.

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  • EHR – The Hospital’s Perfect Partner

    23 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    The electronic health record (EHR) has been introduced in to the Nigerian Health care System and is gradually being deployed within health care organizations to improve the safety and quality of care provided. The integration of the EHR into clinical workflow has become expedient and must be taken into consideration in order to optimize the process of delivering the best healthcare possible. One could imagine all the time that goes into printing, sorting, arranging and screening of documents and other patients’ records, giving out prescriptions and following up on patients in case the dosage changes, storage of drugs and laboratory equipment, client billing and accounting etc. Indeed, the need to integrate it into hospital workflow has never become so essential in that it immediately enhances operations and thereby satisfying all stakeholders. It achieves this by removing all the hassles and bottlenecks out of clinical process and providing a lean and highly effective hospital.

    It is expected that Clinicians spend majority of their time providing direct care to patients, and the EHR is expected to increase this patient interaction time and consequently the quality of care delivered. EHR like Clinical comes with a mobile App which further ensures continuous interaction between caregivers and the patient. Provision of adequate care requires proper documentation of clinical information as an intrinsic aspect of routine clinical activity and is essential from both professional and legal standpoints. The EHR is the perfect fit into the routine of clinical practice and recognized essentially for time efficiency. Physicians and hospitals should implement EHRs because they offer significant advantages over paper records. They increase access to medical information, and allow different care givers to obtain patient’s medical history once adequate authorization has been obtained.

    O’sigla Resources, a fast growing IT company in Lagos, Nigeria has developed an EHR suite called Clinical and it is already being deployed across healthcare organizations in Nigeria. It is time to take your hospital’s health care process/ delivery to the next level. Contact us today and get started. It is purely healthcare delivery simplified.

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    14 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    Education is an enlightening experience. It is not simply teaching and learning from the text books and gathering certificates. As far as a child is concerned, this enlightenment first takes place from home, and then, from school. It therefore becomes crucial for parents to be actively involved in the education process of their children.  A few centuries back, it was possible only by conducting an annual parent-teacher meeting. But this obviously is not sufficient to have a better understanding of the students’ track. Nowadays, circumstances have changed and we have more ways to keep in touch with the teachers or the school authorities. Phone calls, e-mails etc. are some of the best means of communication between teachers and parents. But, they too lack consistency. Presently the perfect way to connect educators and parents is utilizing a School Administration Software together with Mobile App. The developers of Eduplus have all these in mind while creating their School Administration Software. It enables parents and teachers to connect within the shortest time possible, and also ensures parents are actively involved in their child’s activities in school.


    • You don’t have to wait until the Yearly conference to discuss issues: Parents hardly have time to visit schools to discuss their child’s activities. Even those who have the time are often told to wait till the parents-teachers meeting to have this dialogue. But why should you wait to discuss important issues? This is where the school administration software like Eduplus helps. It comes with a forum where parents can drop their opinions and suggestions online without having to be physically at the school. Teachers can see these comments in real time and are able act on them.
    • Know where your child is: Parents and teachers are busy with their jobs. Therefore, it is not possible for them to watch each and every movement of students. Since parents can get the attendance report, activity records, time tables, calendars, school bus time and progress reports at their fingertips at any moment using the Mobile App, there is no need to disturb the teacher by calling them every now and then.
    • Never miss your child’s School Event: Plays, Recitals, sports, debate etc. are very important to our children. It becomes an unforgettable experience for them especially when their parents are there to witness them excel in the presence of everyone else. Eduplus helps in this regards by providing reminders about special event happening in the school. General school information and updates are also provided by alerts.

    It’s no secret that children are most successful when parents are consistent, supportive and involved with their education. Take it from us; the key to your child’s success in school is  for you to be involved in the daily process. Yes, you should visit the school and spend time speaking to the teachers, understand your child at school and on those days when you can’t be present in that manner, Eduplus is at your convenience.

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  • CORPORATE EMAIL – It’s More Than Just Messaging

    8 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    Email is one of the cheapest ways a business can use to communicate, both internally and externally. Any business can simply sign up for free email with providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. There are many other internet server providers (ISP) and websites offering email accounts today. For some, this seems like a viable option and for the individual, it may be. However, for the business owner, it is a choice that should be reconsidered. Believability is key in business! In fact it goes a long way to contribute to whether a business continues to be a going concern. Hence, the need to have a corporate email becomes imperative. For instance, yourbusiness@yahoo.com may seems ok but trust me info@yourbusines.com or support@yourbusiness.com looks cooler. If you have not yet started using a corporate email, the time to make the switch is now!


    First Impression Matters: Unfortunately, scammers exist. But having your own corporate email immediately tells your audience you aren’t one. Also, a generic email may be seen as incompetent, but a corporate email tells your audience you are serious about your business.

    Think big – Create Your Own brand: A generic email could convey that your business is small, new or even part-time. But a corporate email address gives you a corporate image. It also helps you to avoid situations where clients don’t want to pay you fairly

    Brand Awareness/ Business Promotion: The best benefit of using branded email is every time you send out an email; you’re promoting your business, not just some ISP. It’s a valuable, cost-efficient way to market your company without having to spend a lot of money. You also have the option of adding a cool and appealing signature to your emails which also go a long way in promoting your brand


    As a business person, your reputation is everything. How others perceive you is as important for business as your product or service. If prospective clients shy away from you before they even try your product or service, then any amount of promoting will do no good. You must represent yourself in the most positive light possible. In short, it is in your best interest to use only official email addresses for your business. Leave the free email accounts for individuals and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Contact O’sigla Resources today and we’ll have you up and running in a matter of minutes.

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  • MANAGING HOTELS USING: Hotel Management Software

    4 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    It actually does not matter if you own a small or a big Hotel; the benefits derivable from using Hotel Management software are innumerable. Technology is speeding up processes in the world, one has to be in tune with usage, application and how the integration of these technologies can further enhance business process. In fact, there is no quantifying the loss of an organization still using manual processes in this present age. The hospitality industry is not left out. You can take your hotel business to a brand new level by embracing modern technologies such as hotel management system, hotel software, hotel system, and hotel management software. The primary goal of hotel management software is to take down the disadvantages of the manual handling of hotel operations and replacing it with a lean and efficient system.


    • Speed up the process. Hotel systems are designed to efficiently save, retrieve, send, calculate and sync data into the database thus making the processes fast; it eliminates cumbersome manual process completely. Having fast transactions makes more money, good customer experience and convenient for hotel users.
    • Less Error. Hotel Management software is programmed to prevent duplicate entries, wrong data type inputs. Also provides text preservation when accidentally erased.
    • Real-time results. Computers with high specifications plus a high performance hotel system would definitely give real-time results from any transactions like saving data inputs, updating and deleting of data entries.
    • Accurate Daily Revenue Reports. Due to the real-time and error free features, hotel managers have access to an accurate daily revenue reports that can be either showed or printed.
    • Prevent Double Booking.  In manual operations, double booking is a common scenario but hospitality software can avoid this occurrence due to system trappings and checks; Room availability can be shown on a single screen. Bookings are also completely automated.

    The hospitality business is all about making and keeping customers happy. HotelPlus is an efficient hotel management software can assist hoteliers to achieve this and even much more. Contact O’sigla Resources today and begin the process of making your customers happier and ensuring they always return.

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    2 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    Patient engagement is simply Care Providers and patients working together to improve health. A patient engagement in healthcare contributes to improved health outcomes, and with the series of support systems available such as EHRs, information technologies can support patient engagement. Patients want to be engaged in their healthcare decision-making process, and those who are engaged as decision-makers in their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes.

    The world has gone mobile! More than 2 billion of the world’s population uses a Smartphone and it is such that most check their Smartphone every 5 minute or less. EHR such as Clinical has taken advantage of this in that it comes with a Mobile App; this further fosters Patient engagement. For instance, allowing patients to do tasks through a Mobile App makes it easier for patients to make an appointment. Health alerts pertaining to individual patient is also provided. This results in overall health awareness, better treatment adherence and better care outcomes.

    Patient online portal is an integral part of Clinical EHR. It lets patients access their medical records anytime. This patient portal provides patient workflow that not only gives patient access to their medical history, but also allows them to better manage their healthcare through:

    • Making appointments
    • Requesting a prescription refill
    • Completing intake forms prior to a visit
    • Paying bills online
    • Receiving health alerts
    • Messaging/emailing their care giver

    Having easy access to all these tasks online, in one place, means the patient is more likely to visit the portal. Being able to message their physician instead of waiting for an appointment is an incredible benefit for patients.

    In this digital age, the healthcare industry has a huge opportunity to improve patient engagement and make patients more empowered managers of their care. Adopting Clinical software will definitely help improve this. Since, health care institutions take patient engagement seriously; therefore any system that further enhances this is of utmost importance.

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    1 Nov 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    Every business has its workflow process for various departments and units to make up a whole organization. Smart business owners overtime always find every available way or system to ensure that these workflow processes are less burdensome, and efficient in the delivery of services to their customers. Business process automation is the perfect tool for improving business process and ultimately ensuring delivery of 100% satisfaction to both customers and business owners. It eliminates prolonged documentation process, while streamlining it for better coordination within departments and productivity results. A potential Business process automation facilitates a business with bespoke tools that perfectly modifies its approach. As a result, you get a personalized process oriented approach that brings accelerated work efficiency and consistent results.

    There is always an opportunity to improve business processes. If you are still using Excel or Google Docs to manage your business processes, you have an opportunity to improve efficiency.

    If you are holding onto a system that cannot be accessed from anywhere with any device, you have a huge opportunity to improve business efficiency. The world has gone mobile! Instant access anywhere anytime and with any device is key to the success of any business.

    If you are not yet using a Business process automation software suite, the time is now!

    Why you should make O’sigla Recourses your IT partner

    We are simple, yet revolutionary. Our desire is to make everyone’s life easier by helping organizations deliver amazing experiences to end users through our products. Our track record says a lot about this: For us, it’s not just technology but design that works. So, while serving the organizations that use our products, we make sure that we also serve you, and everyone that our clients serve. Contact us today and Step up your business efficiency with our Business process automation services.

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  • MOBILE APP – A key tool today for every business

    27 Oct 2016
    Daniel Taiwo

    According to a research, more than 45% of Google searches are done with the help of a mobile device. This hints at increasing use of mobile among masses. People look into smart phones when they want any information, to connect socially, to order food using Mobile App, to book appointments, to complain, search for nearby services etc. Today more than 2 billion people are using smartphones. Approximately it may increase to around 3 billion in 2019. Now a days, smart phones is not a fashion, it has become a necessity. Also, the total number of smartphones being used outnumbers PC, and most people check their smartphones every 5 minutes or even less. While using their smartphones most people spend time on using Mobile Apps to purchase, payments and funds transfer. Mobile app has become essential for every industry like Hospitality, health care, Retail, consultancy and Education.

    Smartphones and tablets have certainly replaced desktops and laptops. This replacement has not only affected people across the world but also businesses who are trying their best to reach the masses and serve the best possible solutions to them. Thus, whether you are running a retail business or a consultancy firm, it is always a bright idea to build a fully functional mobile app to target the right audience and be available for them across every possible device.

    How O’Sigla Can Help You Build Your Business App?

    O’Sigla offers comprehensive mobility solutions, developing customized mobile app catering to unique requirements of each brand and business. With growing popularity of smartphones and technology advancement, it has become essential for business to offer smooth mobile experiences to their customers. Not only will your mobile app be a cool marketing tool that will help get people returning to your website, but it will allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way. Contact us today and take your business to a brand new level

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