26 Oct 2016
Daniel Taiwo

Attendance is one of those administrative tasks that must be done at the start of each class. It can take up valuable time at the beginning of class and sometimes be difficult to manage. Here is a testimony of school teacher about the effect Attendance taking has on his class:If I take attendance by hand, I have to look at student, write it down and go to the next student,” he says. “If the check takes five minutes in a 50-minute class, that’s taking up 10 percent of a class just on attendance.”In order to make this process simpler, O’sigla resources developed a Students Online Attendance system which is an integral part of their school administrative software system called Eduplus.

Attendance books traditionally are big grids with tiny squares that are hard to read and can be easy to make errors in. With the Students Online Attendance system, taking and managing attendance is no longer a hassle. The easy to use online attendance pages make taking attendance quick and less prone to errors.

Another fascinating function of this Students Online Attendance system is that Attendance information can be immediately shared with parents or guardians to help them keep track of their students. Once a teacher saves the attendance record for the period, Eduplus automatically posts the attendance information to the appropriate Parent Portal without any further action from teachers. Parents can check in with the school through the Parent Portal or Mobile App once a day, once a week, or even period-by-period to ensure their students are attending their classes.
This Students Online Attendance system also Notifies parents automatically by email if their child is absent or tardy, and when the attendance status changes. It is another way that Eduplus helps keep parents actively involved in their student’s education.

Finally, No more manual entering of attendance in the report cards, Eduplus. report card can automatically pull the attendance data. All these and much more are the benefits available on Eduplus. and its Students Online Attendance system. Click Here Now to begin your hassle free school administration

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