Solving the Challenge of Queue Management in Hospitals

25 Oct 2016
Emmanuel Fadipe

Improved queue management has become a necessity as long queues have become ubiquitous at most healthcare facilities. Service centres like the pharmacy, outpatient clinic and laboratories frequently have to deal with several waiting patients, causing patient discomfort and resulting in poor healthcare outcomes.

Given the negative consequences of poor queue management within healthcare facilities, a systematic approach to handling queues is required in order to increase efficiency of all patient service centres within an hospital.

Adopting Clinical EHR for Efficient Queue Management

Clinical software vastly improves patient waiting times and enhance healthcare experience by engaging patients with timely feedback, thereby simulating the personal attention that patients expect. There are several inbuilt features within the Clinical software that ensures that your hospital runs free of operational bottlenecks.

  • Flow Management: From the outpatient clinic, to the consultation room and other service areas, Clinical software constantly provides patients with information about what to do next on their mobile devices through push messages and SMS
  • Estimated Waiting Times: Clinical notifies patients of their expected waiting time for each service centre they need to visit. This appeals largely to their emotional disposition towards waiting, as patients already know how long they may have to wait to access the service.
  • Appointment Reminders: Missed appointments largely impedes progress, especially during therapies that involve multiple visits by a single patient. Clinical reminds doctors and patients of their coming appointments, and even reminds patients to take prescribed drugs when due.
  • Electronic Billing & Payment: Clinical includes automatic billing and an online payment feature that helps to reduce or totally eliminate queues at the billing /accounting office of the hospital
  • Emergencies: Clinical takes emergency patients into account. They are given their deserved priority, and already waiting patients get a notification about this. Feedback is everything, this prevents undue agitations among waiting patients

Adopting Clinical software will definitely eliminate the queues at any health care facility and improve efficiency. Since, health care institutions are patient-centric, therefore streamlined and comfortable patient experiences are key for every health practice.

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