5 Tools that Help Parent-Teacher Communication

8 Oct 2016

Past and Current Trends in Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-teacher communication is vital to the child’s learning process. Although, teachers play an important part in a child’s learning, we cannot underestimate the involvement of the parent. The parent needs to be in the loop about their child’s educational growth and progress. Technology brings the two together by providing a medium for teachers to connect with parents anywhere, anytime.

In the recent past, there are many ways technology has aided connection between the teachers and the parent on the progress of a child such as newsletter, communication books, school website, phone calls, PTA, open day. However, these methods are not sufficient enough to keep parents in the loop 24/7, anytime, anywhere. In today’s climate, parents are responding to increased expectations, economic pressures, and time constraints. In these changing times, parents really want to hear about their child’s academic performance and behavioral expectations, and demand that schools provide such information in a timely manner.

As technology continues to evolve, schools and their teachers have the opportunity to enhance communication and engage parents ‘on the go’ by utilizing technology tools. These tools give both parents and teachers the ability to work as a team and create the best possible environments to foster physical, emotional and intellectual well-being for students.

5 Tools that Help Parent-Teacher Communication

  1. Social Media: Social networks have become quite popular in regards to enhancing parent-teacher communication. School staff members are giving parents instant updates, news, and information about their children’s schools through Twitter & Facebook updates
  2. Mobile Apps: Teachers can make use of free and online applications to communicate and collaborate with busy parents who want to know what’s going on in class, how their students are performing and what feedback to give teachers in a convenient way for them
  3. Video Chat applications: Popular ones such as Skype & Google Hangouts allow teachers to make themselves easily accessible to parents they may not be able to meet in person.There are even tools that allow multiple participants to communicate with one another to share ideas in live online collaboration sessions, which will be useful during PTAs
  4. Eduplus School management System: Some School Management Systems allow parents to view student information, results and attendance, respond to school requests and make payments. Eduplus School management System is an excellent example of a School Management System that allows parents to track students’ progress across the entire learning curve, it also inform the parent about the child’s attendance through text messages

Parent-Teacher Communication – In a nutshell

No doubt, parents play a pivotal role in a child’s education and schools need to ensure that they involve them every step of the way. Technology tools like Eduplus School management System adds a helping hand by maintaining an open dialogue and a medium to share valuable information with parents so they can feel satisfied that they are kept updated on their child’s performance, attendance & social activities.

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