Automated Time-Table – Advantages to Educators

15 Oct 2016
Daniel Taiwo

Time -Table creation and maintenance for a school is a complex job, which is bound by many governing factors and the Time-Table should be in such a manner that the periods allocated to the teachers and classes fulfill certain criterions and constraints. If you are an educator, you can understand how manual preparation of timetables for each class and adjusting them according to teacher availability is tedious and frustrating, and after spending so much time and effort in bringing it together it still doesn’t come out perfect. Most times there is at least a case of conflicting subject periods or unavailability of a teacher, hence the need for automating this process. Automated Time-table provides effortless scheduling of timetable apart from an array of benefits to schools, colleges or any other institution. They include:

  1. Eliminates Paper-based Processes
    Manual timetable system involves arduous paperwork and manual data entry that results in scheduling errors. You don’t get the information you need at the right time. This affects the productivity of the education institution and precious resources and time are wasted.
  2. Automated Time-table Scheduling
    Automatically create and maintain academic schedules of students within minutes.

    Automated Timetable Management System allows you to easily create a unique timetable for each class and subject. Generate reports for different periods and automatically calculate absences.

  3. Generate Multiple Timetables 
    Create multiple timetables at a time and manage different timetable databases for multiple departments with customizable notifications and alerts.
  4. Optimal Resource Allocation
    Assign teachers and classrooms for periods and optimize allocation of resources in the best manner possible.
  5. Highly Secure This software is highly secure with role-based permissions and privileges to provide restricted access to users and ensure transparency. Strict privacy and confidentiality of information is protected.

Are you an educator or school administrator and you need to completely eliminate the difficulties and headache associated with drawing up a timetable from the scratch? Do you want to be able to generate and automated Time-Table? Then you need to subscribe to EduplusTM immediately. Eduplus is a comprehensive school administration software that not only enhances your process but also provides satisfaction for all stakeholders. This is achieved by taking all the hassles and bottlenecks out of school processes and providing a lean and highly effective school system. In few minutes, Eduplus software generates a complete timetable that fulfils all your requirements. It handles the constraints with respect to teachers, classes, labs, continuous periods for a particular subject, combined classes taken by one or more teachers, the maximum number of periods taken by a teacher and so on. Go to now and get started.

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